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Follow Rose Ilya on her quest to the Fountain of Life. Down the abandoned mines she'll encounter many strange creatures. They were once people who mined for Crystal Fragments, but the toxic air turned them into blood thirsty monsters.

Your ammo is limited so use your bullets wisely. Collect as many Fragments as you can, and reach for the Fountain!


  • English Voice Acting and Subtitles
  •  Interactive Tutorials
  • Xbox 360 Controller Compatibility with Heart Pounding Rumble!

Charlie Works Productions
Angus BeerDirector, Lead Artist, Animator, Sound FX, Programmer
Erin MakepeaceMusic, Logo design
James WillsEnvironment Artist, 3D Modeller
Paige Lucas-DeanSocial Media, Website

Voice Acting Roles
Erin MakepeaceRose Ilya
Paige Lucas-DeanAnnouncer
David MakepeaceMystery Voice

Install instructions

  • Windows PC Only!

Date Completed: 13 May 2019
Latest Update: 25 May 2019


FRAGMENT (Version 1.2) 80 MB

Development log


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i like the overall game but i don't like the control


i was anticipating a game where i'd be blasting zombies left and right, but i was pleasantly surprised to find its sparse combat and eerie atmosphere were reminiscent of classic resident evil games. also surprised to see it had an arcade element with a high score. only gripes are a lack of time bonus for finishing fast and awkward button prompts to jump. great pixel art and animation. loved the voice acting; the VAs did well and it really made the game stand out.


Thank you very much for the play through and feedback! :)


Good game, love it, it has a little bit of Metroid feel to it, very well done.

Hey thank you! :)


That was fun. It reminded me of Bio Menace. 



Hey no worries! Thanks for the play through! :)


That game remind me good old days when games were made for fun and challenge instead of financial success. Simply good, nice played shooter-arcade-horror that remind me good ol days with Dangerous Dave. Existence of such games keep me believe that game making is still sort of art  :3 . Thank You for that experience and game. Wish You success in all Your ways and beginings. 


Such a nice game! Very atmospheric! If you make it 10+ hours with an interesting story and maybe more puzzle gameplay, it could be super cool game experience!


Looks good, I'm planning on playing it soon. 


So I just played the entire game. I found it to be an excellent piece of craftsmanship, and although it was a bit short, the experience was remarkable. Kudos to all involved with it. 


Thank you! Let's hope what comes next is longer ;)